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of people, services, machines and things.

Reach 98% of the World

and more than six billion devices.

Connectivity is Currency

Trade and profit with your telecom applications.
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Our Mission: Mobilizing Businesses

Just two applications empower businesses to direct-connect people, machines, services and things. Connectivity applications and the TOS:

  • Do it your way:
    • SIM cards for mobile phones: regular | mini | micro | nano.
    • Telecom apps - like NUSCH.ZONE are the easiest way to deliver services in a competitive environment.
    • SIM chip sets: Built in connectivity is the most robust, perfectly integrated, provider neutral.
    • SIM devices and phones: Tailormade dedicated hardware.
    • The addSIM is a next-generation SIM: It´s a super-slim film including a dedicated storage and an additional connectivity channel.
    More details: Connectivity Services | Your Connectivity
  • In order to reach users and own customers we put the heartbeat of connectivity into a single application: The TOS. This is inside:
    • Equipment: The hard- and software plus locations to operate as an international network provider.
    • Networks: 300+ mobile network providers (GSM: 2G-3G-4G) in 190+ countries are good to cover the world. Added by millions of WiFi hotspots all over the world you hardly will find a better coverage.
    • Fulfillment: A mobile player within 45 | 90 days: ► Rent-a-Telecom empowers small & medium organizations. ► YourTelecom is designed for larger & largest enterprises.
    More details: The TOSRent-a-TelecomYourTelecom
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Connectivity is like currency. Winning direct and unlimited access to customers, services, things and machines is vital for major industries. We would love to make you a connectivit provider - in your region, even globally.
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